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Uncovering the secrets of small white spiders found on plants

Small, white spiders are fascinating creatures found on plants. They are different from the common garden spiders, and little is known about them. These tiny creatures are usually found on leaves, flowers, and stems of plants- and their presence is often unnoticed. In this article, we will uncover the secrets of small white spiders that live on plants.


The small white spiders that live on plants are commonly referred to as crab spiders. They belong to the family Thomisidae, and their scientific name is Thomisus spp. There are several species of crab spiders, and they vary in size and color. They are mostly white or yellow, and their bodies are flattened and wide which makes them look like crabs, hence their name.


Crab spiders are known for their unusual hunting techniques. Unlike other spiders that spin webs to trap their prey, crab spiders rely on their camouflage to catch their prey. They blend in with the color of the plant they are on and wait for insects to land nearby. Once an insect is close enough, the crab spider pounces on it and grabs it with its powerful front legs.


Crab spiders reproduce sexually, and after mating, the female lays her eggs on the underside of leaves, usually in a silken sac. The eggs hatch into spiderlings, which are miniature replicas of the adults. The spiderlings stay close to their mother for the first few days of their life, and then they start to disperse.

Habitat and Distribution

Crab spiders are found all over the world, and they live on a wide range of plants. Some of their favorite plants include roses, daisies, and marigolds. They prefer to live in dry and warm habitats and can be found in meadows, gardens, and forests.


Crab spiders are natural predators that help to control insect populations on plants. They eat a wide range of insects, including flies, bees, and butterflies. This makes them beneficial to gardeners and farmers who want to protect their crops from insect damage.

In conclusion, small white spiders, also known as crab spiders, are fascinating creatures that live on plants. They are skilled hunters that rely on their camouflage to catch their prey, and they are beneficial to gardeners and farmers. While they may not be as noticeable as other spiders, their unique behavior and habitats make them worth learning about.

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